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May 2, 2017 @ 12:01 am

Episode 131: Unepisode Shadow Puppets

This week we have an unepisode.  One of those episodes where Jack and Fritz each produce their own segments and they get mixed together via magic to make a show. There is sort of a shadowy govt theme to this show. Let me tell you right damn now. Jack is brilliant.  He has segments 2 and 3 this episode and it is brilliant.  He is much smarter than Fritz.  Please please please listen.  We get music from Audioblocks and other royalty free sources most of the time and this show is no exception.  But we do have to give some credit for some music used in the show.

Truth by Tristam, no copyright artist
Note to Self by Propaghandi on their album Failed States

Wonderful Multiple Episodes by Western Settings

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